We have been the proud dog parents of many dogs over the last 30 years. Over those years we have fed our dogs many different brands of food.

When we adopted our chocolate lab “Gunner” in 2019…the breeder recommended trying Great Canadian premium dog food for him. 3.5 years later and he still LOVES it. His coat is smooth and full, his weight is easily maintained and he never wants to miss a meal. We love that this food is a whole life product and with good nutritious ingredients. Also, we can’t forget the price. It’s amazing for the quality of product.

We are proud to say that Spectrum is just down the street from us and that we can pick up our bags easily. The customer service is over the top and Gunner is a treated like one of the Spectrum family.

We recommend this food to everyone that we know.
The best in the area!

Chris, Carey and Zack Brubacher