After years of chronic vomiting, our dog was diagnosed with a severe form of inflammatory bowel disease. He was prescribed a hydrolyzed food, which cause him to lose an excessive amount of weight. Through trying to find a diet that was thr right fit, plus didn’t break the bank, has been a challenge.  I reached out to Chelsey (who is the breeder of our big guy, Decoy).  She was extremely helpful with information not only of the food made at Spectrum, but the nutritional information in the food we had been prescribed. We have since switch Decoy to the Lamb and Rice formula and I can not believe how great he is doing! His coat is shiny, energy is back, and he is no longer counter surfing due to starvation. A few short months ago I thought we were going to have to make a very tough decision with Decoy. I am forever grateful for Chelsey’s help, and that I have my healthy boy back! Thank you, Spectrum Feeds, for your quality dog food!

Sincerely, an extremely happy customer!

Kaitlyn and Decoy 🙂