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Invalid, conflicting and/or out of region addresses will not be delivered to and you will not be contacted for corrections. Deliveries will occur mid-June 2024 – during regular business hours.

Full Contest Rules & Regulations

  • Eligibility: To be eligible, you must be a legal Canadian citizen and currently reside in 101.7 The One/CoOL 94.5 Broadcast Area (Midwestern Ontario area) and The Great Canadian Dog Food Delivery area (see map).
    You must be (18) years of age or older. You are not eligible if, at any point during this time you are (or are an immediate family member with) an employee, representative or agent of Blackburn Media Inc., The Great Canadian Dog Food or their respective parents, partners, affiliates or licensees. Immediate family shall include spouse, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren this also includes any other person (not blood related) residing within the same household. Employees of third party clients cannot enter this contest.
  • ONLINE QUALIFYING: Contestants must enter to qualify by completing an online form at
  • Drawing: The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by random out of all qualifiers. Grand Prize winner will be announced FRIDAY, May 10 during the Morning Show with Julie B & Nick.
  • GRAND Prize: “Dog Food for Life” – The Prize is considered to be the amount of food a single dog of medium size would need over the span of an average life of ten years.  This is determined to be one 18kg bag every six weeks and no more than 9 bags per year.  In total the winner of the contest will receive up to 90 bags (18kg size) for an approximate retail value of $4950.  The prize will be available over the span of 10 years and is to be picked up by the winner by appointment at Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. (Head Office facility of “The Great Canadian Dog Food”) in Moorefield Ontario as needed. Multiple bags can be collected at once should the winner wish.
  • Each qualifier in Great Canadian Dog Food Company delivery area (defined on the map and seen below) will receive a Free 8KG Bag of Dog Food delivered by “The Great Canadian Dog Food” to their primary residence. Only one bag per household will be supplied. Deliveries will be left at what is determined to be the front door of the residence during regular business hours, mid-June 2024.   All bags will be delivered no later than August 16 2024.  “The Great Canadian Dog Food” is not responsible for lost or stolen bags. Eligibility for the free 8KG bag is at the sole discretion of “The Great Canadian Dog Food”
  • LIMITATIONS: Prizes have no cash value. None of the prizes are transferable or convertible to cash, and each must be accepted as awarded. The prizes may not be sold to, bartered with, or purchased by a third party. Prizes are non-transferable. Sponsors reserve the right to amend these rules at any time (due to reasons beyond their control) and to make the amendments effective retroactively. If after any Contest has begun, changes or updates are made, the changes will be announced on the day the changes are made and stated on the website. Reasons could include manpower, quantities or other reasons beyond the sponsors control.
  • Prizes are limited solely to those items explicitly set forth herein and shall not include any and all other expenses, incidentals, food, gas or taxes that may arise out of the winner’s receipt of this prize.

By entering the Contests and voluntarily providing personal information, qualifiers grant permission to The Great Canadian Dog Food for, and consent to, the collection and use of their personal information for the purposes of the Contests. Sponsors will not sell, share, or otherwise disclose personal information of entrants to third parties, other than to third parties engaged by the Sponsors to fulfill the purposes of the Contests or as permitted or required by law.